New Employee Orientation


Why Orientation?

As a new employee, you must register for benefits within 31 days of your first day of work. That’s why it is critical that you understand your benefits choices within this window.

Register for Orientation


New Employee Orientation (NEO) is a day-long event. The morning session welcomes you to the NMSU community, introduces helpful offices, and provides essential information for new employees.  The afternoon session lets you get your questions answered about each employee benefit, and features dedicated time to finalize your benefits choices and get enrolled. You are encouraged to bring all documentation for enrollment purposes, a list of acceptable documents can be found on the Benefits Eligibility page. | Download the flyer.


New Employee Orientation is designed for regular/term benefits-eligible employees, often known as “staff.”  Faculty hires are encouraged to attend.  In addition, new faculty members hired in advance of the semester should also attend the Orientation for Faculty New to NMSU offered by the Teaching Academy and Provost’s office each fall.  To register for this orientation, search for Orientation on the Teaching Academy’s list of events.

When and Where? 

New Employee Orientations are scheduled bi-monthly.  See the upcoming schedule here. Click “Begin Registration” to see the dates.

Sign me up!

  1. Talk to your manager.  Your day of orientation is scheduled from 8 AM-4PM.  This should be counted as work time, and you should ask your manager for permission to attend.  One day is a great investment in your career!
  2. Register.  If you’ve activated your NMSU email account, you can sign up at this link.  If you don’t have your NMSU email yet, from another email account write to to reserve your space–Mention “New Employee Orientation” in the subject line and include your full name.