NMSU Information Outlets

When it comes to sharing information with other employees and staying on top of what’s happening on campus, New Mexico State University faculty and staff have a wide array of options listed below. Also, departments and colleges provide additional communication outlets. Please contact them for information.

NEWS AND MEDIA RELATIONS: Provides news, media relations, publications, photography and other communications services to the campus community. Call 646-3221 if you have a news story or need help with publicity for a university activity of general interest. For online news releases, visit the NMSU News Center, newscenter.nmsu.edu.

NMSU HOTLINE: An email campus news service, Hotline is provided daily by News and Media Relations. To subscribe, go to https://mailman.nmsu.edu/mailman/listinfo/campus-news. To submit a news item for inclusion in Hotline, send the item by email to hotline@nmsu.edu.

NMSU-NEWS: Full-length news releases about NMSU research, programs and activities are sent to subscribers of this email list. It is designed for journalists who want to receive releases by email, but it is open to anyone. To subscribe, go to https://mailman.nmsu.edu/mailman/listinfo/campus-news. (Many of these releases will appear as briefs in NMSU Hotline, so subscribers to both services will see duplication.)

NMSU@WORK: New Mexico State University’s online faculty and staff news site, NMSU@WORK, is available at newscenter.nmsu.edu. The NMSU@WORK news feeds provide important information about working at NMSU, including updates on construction and HR as well as an archive for Hotline. In the Faculty and Staff Spotlight section, read about interesting NMSU faculty and staff who are making a difference at NMSU. There also is a section, Raves and Renown, where you can tell us about your many accomplishments.

ABCD MEMOS: Employees can access administrative announcements sent to directors, department heads, deans and other administrators by subscribing to an email list set up for that purpose. To sign up, go to https://mailman.nmsu.edu/mailman/listinfo/abcd-copy.

NMSU-POSTINGS: NMSU-Postings is an email list where employees can post university information that is not suitable for ABCD announcements or other campus communication outlets. Such information might include advertising excess departmental inventory that other departments might need, homes available for sabbatical leases or announcements about university business or events. University policies prohibit personal sales and solicitations. To subscribe, go to https://mailman.nmsu.edu/mailman/listinfo/nmsu-postings/.

CAMPUS MEDIA: KRWG-TV, Channel 22, the campus PBS affiliate, serves southern New Mexico and west Texas. KRWG-TV also broadcasts HDTV 24 hours a day on Channel 23. KRWG Radio, 90.7 FM, is a full-service public radio station serving southern New Mexico and west Texas. The Round Up is the student-produced newspaper. KRUX Radio, 91.5 FM, is the student-run radio station.

MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS: Provides consultation on brand application guidelines and standards, as well as tools, resources and branded templates available at brand.nmsu.edu. We create and produce promotional material for print and digital mediums. We are available for workshops on design, document preparation and copywriting/editing within the scope of the NMSU brand initiative. For information, email mktgserv@nmsu.edu or call 646-7557. Also available are workshops to discuss the AES/CES production process. For these workshops, email ahenke@nmsu.edu or call 646-1174.

WEB SERVICES: Provides consultation on web standards and guidelines, as well as branded web templates via webcomm.nmsu.edu. You can find the NMSU WordPress theme and information at wptheme.nmsu.edu. Contact us at webcomm@nmsu.edu.